Renatus Social Responsibility Policy

Renatus was established in 2001 to provide specialist services to the organ building trade, and more recently manufacturing services to independent Design Companies supplying various trades.

Although our services are numerous they are based primarily around wooden products and we employ 13 people at our Bideford factory.

Renatus is committed to being a socially responsible business. We recognise that our activities have a direct impact upon the well being of our employees, customers, suppliers and wider community in the South West

With this in mind Renatus will endeavour to make a positive impact upon our society.

Our commitments:

Promoting an Environmental Policy which aims to minimize the impact of our business on the environment.

Using local suppliers as much as possible.

Treating our employees and customers openly and fairly.

Sourcing raw materials from ethically produced & sustainable sources.

Communicating our policies clearly to customers & suppliers

We will ensure continuous improvement in our social responsibility performance by:

Providing training and raising awareness among employees.

Reducing our reliance on outside energy sources.

Lowering our use of landfill and waste disposal.

Increasing our self-sufficiency.

Actively supporting and taking part in social responsibility projects and initiatives.

Meeting our statutory obligations on employment, health and safety and the environment.

Monitoring and reporting our social responsibility performance.

This policy is communicated to all employees and those whose actions may have a significant effect on the environmental performance of Renatus. This policy is available to members of the public upon request.