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Renatus offers a range of fixed and adjustable benches in various styles. All benches are made to order to ensure that you get exactly the stool that meets your requirements.

Adjustable Benches

All of the parts, including the ends, panelling, rails, lid and mechanism are from solid wood - usually oak for the main parts, beech for parts of the mechanism. Alternatively we can offer other woods, such as Mahogany to suit your needs.

Prior to manufacture we supply colour samples to match with the existing woodwork and check all dimensions with you to ensure that the bench fits around the pedalboard correctly and that the height is correct. The handle can be fitted on either the left or the right of the bench. A backrest is available as an option.

Three standard styles are available and bespoke designs can be undertaken as required. A PDF drawing, showing our standard dimensions, is available for adjustable benches. Click here to download this.

Further information, including prices, can be found on the Ordering Information page. Organbuilders should contact us for a quotation.

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