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Church Organ Casework

You may already have an artist’s impression or designers drawings. But even if your design is no more than a clean sheet of paper, Renatus has the skills and ideas to see your project through from conception to completion.

We can, if desired utilise an existing console and casework. Alternatively we can undertake to provide a completely new design.

Renatus uses only the best materials, primarily Oak, but also Mahogany, or, where a painted case is required Poplar. Quality veneered panels can be selected for certain areas where cost considerations render the use of solid wood unrealistic.

Traditional techniques such as mortice and tenon panelling are supplemented by the use of computer controlled machining which enables us to provide intricate details and moulding without incurring high costs.

Our casework projects are all planned using advanced CAD techniques which enable us not only to design the details of a case but also anticipate problems in advance and develop ideas for automated machining on our CNC facilities.

Our cabinet makers are highly skilled and are experienced at working on site and with the intricacies of pipe organs. And if you have a delivery time that you need to meet then we’ll do our best to accommodate your requirements.

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