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If you're already preparing CAD drawings for your work then you're most of the way to making use of our CNC machining facilities.

Alternatively if you're not already using CAD systems for design then we can assist either by preparing drawings for you, liaising with any of the freelance designers who are experienced in organ-building or maybe even helping take your first steps towards using CAD yourself.

We now have over ten years of experience at CNC machining and over this time have developed a large number of techniques to tackle a variety of problems, such as double sided machining, holding and machining small parts, engraving and component nesting to improve material usage. We have a large selection of cutters and have machined a huge variety of materials from solid woods, plywood, MDF, acrylic and other plastics, laminates (including aluminium faced Dibond) and even polystyrene (ideal for product packaging).

Our CNC machine was carefully selected to be best suited to carrying out one-offs and small batch production; in particular the user friendly CAM facilities make setting up and running multiple tooled jobs very quick and easy. All of our cabinet makers are experienced in creating and modifying drawings in our CAD system then processing these through the CAM and CNC.


Why not send us your CAD designs and we'll turn them into either part-machined or finished components. Roller boards, for example, can be machined to an extremely high degree of accuracy and in a fraction of the time when compared to drilling by hand. Soundboard components where there are many repeated machining operations, often of irregular shaped holes or slots machined into, slides and upperboards likewise. And more often than not all the information is contained in the drawings you've already prepared.


In addition to machining components we also have a significant amount of experience in creating bespoke curves and mouldings in all manner of materials. See our Specialist Joinery page for further details.

Jig Making

Need a specific jig to help you make. Jig making can range from machining a simple curve to act as a template for machining to creating a full scale template for laying out a building frame.

Browse the images below for more ideas on how Renatus' CNC machining could help to stream-line your production.

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